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Jun. 13th, 2010

Demo Reel now available!

Wow, so I finally completed my Demo Reel. You can find it by going to the films section or clicking here


If you would like to connect with me, the best way to do it is via facebook. I check on there regularly for both my sites and my films' sites and answer as many questions as I can over there (when time permits).




Hope to see you guys there. I try to post updated info, video clips and all there. I only post videos of movies in stores on this website.

Feb. 26th, 2010


So hard to actually write about something. Most of my updates and all are in my facebook. Yes, I actually reply to people on there :P. Anyway, you can find me both on




Hope to see you guys there. I try to post updated info, video clips and all there. I only post videos of movies in stores on this website.

Jan. 28th, 2009

The Gene Generation out on DVD now!

Finally, I can put an end to one era and focus on another. I've been on Gene Generation for the past 3 years and has it been a grueling journey. Finally, Lionsgate has put out The Gene Generation and you can buy it on any major retail stores or you can get it from Amazon.com. Click here to buy it.

You can see some of the special features from my within my website and take a look at roughly how The Gene Generation looks like. I particularly like the Commentaries as it really reminds me of the fun I had on set with the actors and their different personalities. Makes me miss them like hell even though they are only a phone call away. It's funny, but in the end, you really bond together with the people you work with. Especially on a film project, everything is intensified. Emotions, both love and frustration play a key role in your relationship together.

I hope to one day make another project with them, they have been a ton of fun. And while I continue finishing up Necromentia, The Gene Generation will always have a special place in my heart. Love everyone of you!

Oct. 25th, 2008

Appetite for Destruction

Everybody needs a hobby. Some people ask what do I really do in my spare time? Well, the answer is really hard to say because I spend my time doing a little this and a little that. With shooting only 2 weeks away, I gave myself a little 3 hour break from the madness and went to design for myself a Lego flamethrower. So so cool. The NXT should be able to control the pull back which should be attached to a release valve at the end spraying out fiery destruction! I figure I'm going to have to superglue the parts and attach some sort of metal lining at the end to prevent the legos from burning. Now the trick would be to tie up the NXT unit into a sensor and leave the flamethrower outside my house. This would surprise anybody who trips on the motion sensor, setting off the NXT and hence setting off the Flame Thrower. Imagine that, going to the cops and go 'Well, this Lego Flamethrower kinda came out of nowhere and attacked me'. Brilliant! I think after my shoot, I shall go ahead and built the rest. But for now, I'll order the Lego parts now that I know what I'm going to get and built it for an ornament for my house. Whoopee! Now.. BACK TO WORK!

Sep. 17th, 2008

Savings in Circuit City... What a laugh!

Well, I was surfing to see if I could buy for my son a game for his birthday which is about a month and a half away and lo and behold, I see Rock Band 2. I think what's funny (it's from circuit city website) that the price is 9999.99 and for a special savings of 9810.00, I get to buy it for 189.99. Hahaha. I thought it was hilarious seeing it so I HAD to take a screen capture. Thank god I did, only moments after I did, the website corrected the mistake.

I think it's funny how corporate people can 'try' to make their product and their savings look good. Oh well, I had my little laugh. It's back to editing for me. I'm editing the special features on The Gene Generation DVD. Not that the guys at Lionsgate couldn't do it, but I'm just very picky about the way things look on it. So I decided to edit it myself. God, I hate work that is basically brain dead. But what can I do... sometimes OCD is a curse more than a blessing although I have found more blessings for it in my work.

Sep. 9th, 2008

Blog of Death

Seems like this is the blog of death. I just found out from my sister that our dog, Yoshi, died today after 10 years. He's had a long and good life. What sucks is that he is in Singapore and I'm in Los Angeles and there's nothing I can do about it. Really, there's nothing much to say. People and pets are dropping all around me like flies. It's almost like I feel jinxed and people should stay away from me.

A dog dying can be a painful thing. Sometimes I feel more affectionate towards animals than people. People tend to stink. Animals never talk back to you. They always give you unconditional love. Hell, this dog was there for me through my most troubling times. He would scratch at my door just to jump in and cuddle up with me. Oh yeah, he's needy, but in a good way. People suck, dogs rule.

Sep. 2nd, 2008

Looking for a Crew

Right, so I'm about to go crazy if I don't shoot here. I'm planning together another short just to keep my skills up. If I go stagnant without making a film and just staying in development, I'll be screwed. So I'm as of right now, looking for a crew for this short.

My first and most important thing I need is a Special FX Makeup artist. I can't put down anything more than 4,000 to create the special FX for the demon, so if anybody can do something real cheaply, whether it be using past molds and creating a hybrid out of it, let's talk.

I'm beginning to look for interns now (non paying), so those who you have asked at one point, here is the offer out. Just go to my 'Social' page on www.pearryteo.com and contact me from there so I can start to build my list up. You'll be attached to pre and post production if you're from Los Angeles, and in production if you can make it to Tucson.

I'm currently working with my DPs and Production Designers so those jobs are pretty much out. What is the title of the production? I have no clue what to call it yet. Just want to do something. I got a script but no title. Hahahahaha

Aug. 30th, 2008

RIP: Glen Tackett (Dear Friend and Colleague)

My dear friend Glen Tackett passed away last night. As far as I know, he went into cardiac arrest and died shortly after. He previously had congestive heart failure and went for stem cell therapy early in the year. It was a shock to me because the last time we left, he was healthy and happy.

Glen Tackett is the executive producer for Necromentia and has been not only one of the best producers I worked with, but greatest friend I had. The Ouija Board tattoo on my stomach was donated by him through his Enchanted Dragon Tattoo shop. He was by far one of the few producers who had faith in me and gave me full creative control and final cut in my films.

Glen Tackett has previously produced (now available on Blockbuster) Flight of the Living Dead and was working on his next film before he passed away. I will continue to visit his family and make sure they have their support from me.  But for the time being, it's another good man gone from this world and like Chad has said 'Fuck You World!'

Necromentia will be dedicated to him. I just feel like it's not enough. This man's life is a testimony of what I represent. Fight for what you believe till the last breath.

Aug. 27th, 2008

Making the DVD

Let's face it. Making a DVD has never been easier these days. With software like iDVD and Toast, it's pretty much drag and drop. But making The Gene Generation DVD was much harder. Hell, I've never spend days (and sleepless nights) just preparing the material for the right encoding for any DVD.

Possible things to expect in the DVD are deleted scenes (which you can see some on my site), concept art, Storyboards, a digital copy of the comic books, intervews, making of documentary, and also a cyberpunk documentary made by an up and coming filmmaker Laszlo Kovacs (or whatever his name is spelled as :P)

Of course, the Cyberpunk documentary is awaiting all the clearances, which shouldn't be a problem since I owned the rights to the songs. Just have to make sure Combichrist and co. know that it's also for a documentary and not just the movie. While he is a friend of mine, paperwork is paperwork and probably the thing I hate most about the filmmaking process.

So, I'm off in 20 mins to deliver the assets to the company and start discussing about the DVD. Lionsgate has already got us on the January 9th release date for the DVD, but we will also be having a limited theatrical release. I'll worry about that later. Going to meet Rutger Hauer and then get some sleep.

Aug. 22nd, 2008

"Pitchers" A Premier by Aaron Denenberg

Went to a colleague of mine, the writer of Dark Oz's directorial debut (into the world of digital video) feature film, "Pitchers". The premise is simple, 5 starving writers gather together to practice pitching on themselves before they tackle those Hollywood Executives. The results, hilarious and  horrible pitches that prove why it takes more than just a creative mind to get your foot in the door for Hollywood.

While my experience with Hollywood is only limited to after shooting The Gene Generation (which is about one year), I find a lot of stuff to be true in this case. While people tend to slam Hollywood Executives for being narrow-minded, silly, stupid, 'don't know talent when they see it', it's also refreshing to see another take on it. A take of deluded people who are the very same product they blame Hollywood for.

Let's face it. We all have ideas, most of them are bad. On average, I get one good idea for every 100 crap ideas. I just keep quiet about it until I figure out what I want to do. For me, what quarantines an idea that is good, is if there is a message or morale to the story that I HAVE to say, regardless of what happens. Is this idea of mine worth ending a career. Am I willing to give up a whole career if I made a bad film but believe in it? If the answer is yes, then off I go developing that idea.

Any filmmakers out there who want to share their take on 'What would quarantine them to make a film?'

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